Friday, May 7, 2010

Show 11 Playlist

The music ran longer than the show but this was the planned playlist. I think most of 'em made it in.

1) Sweet Leaf-Godsmack
2) Purple Haze-Ozzy, Zakk Wylde, Randy Castillo, Geezer Butler
3) The Pusher-Blind Melon
4) Smoke Two Joints-South Park Mexican
5) Have A drink On Me-Hayseed Dixie
6)Hotel California-The Gipsy Kings
7) Comfortably Numb-Van Morrison, Roger Waters, The Band
8) Heroin-Lou Reed
9) Sister Morphine-Rolling Stones
10) Master Of Puppets-Apocalyptica
11) White Rabbit-In the Woods
12) Snow Blind-System of A Down
13) Hurt-Sad Kermit


  1. What was the opening intervention parody?

  2. Sad Kermit cracked my ass up, but I guess it figures. He was always saying it's not easy being green.

    Now we know.

  3. The opening was from always sunny in philly. the episode is called The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention

  4. It's a bit late to comment on this, but thanks to your brilliant selection of Sad Kermit in the playlist, I picked up my guitar again and started playing. First song of course, was Hurt.

  5. when did snowblind by system play?