Friday, June 11, 2010

Not-So-Superbowl/Flanagan's list

Left: Walt's list of cost-saving measures for college students.
Below: The unveiling of the Not-So-Superbowl trophy as discussed on today's ep. Gift certificate not pictured.

Will YOU take home the gold? Not if you don't fire up those cameras and get crackin'!


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  2. i go to uni in england and i agree with alot of what walt said there is so much money wasted by students.

  3. I always listen to Tell 'Em Steve-Dave on Saturday's, but I'm already excited after seeing Walt's list. Please post more scanned images of his scrawled notes... dig them out of the trash if you have to. I bet there's a plethora of laughs just waiting for someone to find.

    1) Go to Wal*Mart, replace barcode stickers on Star Wars toys with homemade ones.
    2) Yell at Wal*Mart greeter for requesting to see receipt upon store exit.
    3) Drive over 1-4 small children on way back to the Stash.

  4. Cool picture. Interesting to see what the actual podcast setup looks like. It's a good thing I don't live in NJ or else I would probably end up going to the store and creepily standing in the corner watching the whole time you guys were doing shows.

    Love the pod!

  5. Can you get Ming to post up some of his poop?

  6. Walt my lovely,

    goin back to college this year. While I probably won't follow your money saving advice, I do thank you for trying. Please advice us on how you would save money in other areas of life!

  7. Those new mikes look sweet!

    & as for students: any student that's really doing what they want to do & really wants to succeed wont be out drinking their money away and in anycase unless they're rich anyway they probably wouldnt have the time with work or the money to be doing so.

    I'm in 3rd year college and I made alot more fun socially before hand.

    Love the show, funniest podcast about these days.

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  9. Not so super bowl...

    All I can think of is, fucking hilarious idea!

    However, she's totally right about female bathrooms. I've seen some right disgusting ones... the worst being back when I was in high school. There would sometimes be used feminine hygiene products on the floor, and once there was literally shit in the sink. I have no idea what possessed a girl to do that... but there was even a school assembly about the bathroom situation once - including power point photo presentation.

    Fav moments were between:
    1hr 8:42 - 8:49 and 1hr 9:37 - 9:50.

    The way Walt laughs is ridiculous, he deserves a medal.

    Love the podcast, I'm definitely happy I stuck with it past the first 2 episodes when you guys started out, you guys are definitely one of the funniest out there.

  10. What model are those shure mics? Look pretty schmick!

  11. I can't see why anyone would get angry enough to bitch about the scholarship to you guys. Walt's got a point about the fact that sacrifices have to be made while going to university. Losing out on something promised to you is disheartening, but if the lesson 'life isn't fair' hasn't been learned by the time a kid is 18 then it is a perfect time to learn it.

    P.S. Good luck with the not-so superbowl, especially poor poor Ming.

  12. I almost dont want to gaze upon the beauty that is the Not So Superbowl trophy in fear that I might pull a Raiders of the Lost Ark

  13. Love The Trophy that will be won in the contest, whoever wins that trophy will probably treasure it until they grow old and offer to pass it down to his/her sibling who won't want It and it will eventually be sold in a flea market. Then whoever purchases it in the flea Market will never even know that it is a trophy that was won from a contest which by this time it is considered a historic relic of the Tell 'Em Steve Dave Podcast. Until one day the smithsonian hears of the person who purchased it and offers a great deal of money for the Relic to be in there museum. Than they make a bullshit seventh 'Night at the Museum' movie based on the relic and it will be called 'Night at the Museum and The Shit Relic of Steve Dave'. Love the Podcast Best thing since sliced bread and PB&J.

  14. how can anyone that lives in america say that taking scolarship money away from people is a good idea? your education is substandard at best
    walt dont be such an ass when it comes to a little bit of money

  15. there's only one thing students like more than drinking and smoking weed - and that is whining about how tough it is being a student. If they can't take a joke then fuck 'em Walt.

    I will qualify this statement that as a guy who owns a bar I hope they don't stop dinking beer anytime soon.

  16. Chris FrederiksenJune 15, 2010 at 5:39 PM

    Best Ep yet, had me rolling around laughing at a couple of points. And I for one (and I gather Im not alone) wants a special Ming and Ming show.

    Keep it up guys

  17. those are some nice microphones yo!

  18. Walt version of college has students killing themselves left and right over boredom.

    Love the shit award!

  19. I am surprised it wasn't the shit demon action figure.

  20. I am wondering what the closing song to "I think I'll go eat worms" is. I've been wanting that song for a while now and this may be my best chance.


  21. Man, Walt is a fucking dick.

  22. Oh man, I've only just got up to this episode last week. True Brilliance. When you started discussing the Not-So Superbowl I was LITERALLY in tears from laughing, (which I didn't even do during SMod's 'Lost' bit!). This really pissed off the people trying to listen to the TV at the other end of the room but I care not a fuck!

    Also, You are perfectly right Mr. Johnson, I bow, scrape and generally genuflect at your willingness to spend ANY time doing this - let alone the staggering amount of time you ACTUALLY spend!

    Well done, sirs. Well done!


  23. Flanagan's list
    there are community churches where for between free-$3(in my area 94606, oakland, ca) you can get some food weekly. today for $3 I got 10.lbs of potatos, 10.lbs of onions, 10.lbs of carrots, 5 canary melons, beans, pasta, some canned food mushroom soup, spanish dip & 2 artichoke quiche. $3 got me $30 of food