Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Episode 9 playlist

1) Theme to Unsolved Mysteries: Television's Greatest Hits
2) Theme to Tales From The Crypt: Television's Greatest Hits
3) Theme to Dark Shadows: Television's Greatest Hits
4) Theme to The Twilight Zone: Television's Greatest Hits
5) Intro/Main Title: Phantasm
6) Humanity (Part I): The Thing
7) Grindhouse (Main Titles): Grindhouse-Planet Terror
8) King Kong: 50 years of Classic Horror film Music
9) The Shape That Stalks Laurie: Halloween II
10) Jason's Theme: Friday The 13th
11) Psycho Suite for String Orchestra: Essential Alfred Hitchcock
12) Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
13) We Welcome You To Munchkinland: The Wizard Of Oz
14) Leaving Munchikinland: The Wizard Of Oz
15) Halloween: (King Diamond) Fatal Portrait


  1. Love the podcast! I am a podcast addict, lots of drive time & menial work that needs intelligent commentary in the background.

    This is the first podcast that I actually look for every week on the day it is uploaded. So addicted already.

    Have you ever thought about doing a videocast on ustream? Maybe not every week, but every once in a while so that ppl could live comment while you chat and have a chance to talk about what you are saying together live. Maybe that's too much right now, but maybe later.

  2. Loved the use of movie soundtracks in this episode. Hearing the awesome Phantasm music again makes me wish someone would give them a chance to finish the series.

  3. Keep up the Great Work Guys!!
    & Bry, I love Your taste in Music, from the Metal Tunes to the Horror Scores:o)