Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week eight playlist

I figured since people dig the music on the show, I'll list the songs on a weekly basis. If I wanna talk behind Walt's back I'll do it here so check for that kind of shit too!

Helter Skelter-Beatles
Helter Skelter-Motley Crue
Know Your Enemy-Rage Against the Machine
Shake Your Blood-Probot(w/Lemmy)
Virgin Killer-Scorpions
Pit of Zombies-Cannibal Corpse
(F)lannigan's Ball-Dropkick Murphys
Big Sky-Probot(w/Celtic Frost)
Werewolf Women of the SS-Rob Zombie
Stand Together-Beastie Boys
Pain Redefined-Disturbed
Surf Nicaragua-Sacred Reich
No Quarter-Tool
Smoke On The Water-Senor Coconut


  1. If possible could you guys put all playlist of the past episodes up here somewhere too?


    J - Finland

  2. Awesome, been loving the music nice to see all the songs listed so can get them.

  3. Great idea! I've often wished there were a show notes list of the music used in each Smodcast, so its nice to see you are starting that for TESD..

    Now all you need to do is add more Dio and you'll be set. ;)

  4. Probot! Yes! You guys are going to do as well as you want to with this podcast thing. Keep it up fellas!

  5. Gah! Just my luck to end up as the 38th follower! Stupid person before me.

  6. add some Faith No More onto next weeks pod

  7. Take a page from Kevin's music choices. Add some songs from the "She's Having a Baby" soundtrack, that or "Slow Grooves"

  8. Some dimmu borgir to open the show would be cool

  9. Fan number 60, and couldn't be happier! Keep up the great work!

  10. Well done for the Senor Coconut. I have a copy of their seminal Kraftwerk cover, but had no idea they continued. Now after 33 years I finally know what the hell Deep Purple were singing for all those years! cd.