Friday, April 30, 2010

Episode 10 playlist

The all-cover version episode

1) Moonage Daydream-Racer X
2) Carry On My Wayward Son-Yngwie Malmsteen
3) Good Times, Bad Times-Godsmack
4) Mr. Crowley-George Lynch
5) Fade To Black-Disturbed
6) God Save The Queen-Anthrax
7) Highway Star-Joe Stump
8) No Quarter-Tool
9) Am I Evil-Metallica
10) I'm Your Boogie Man-Rob Zombie
11) White Rabbit-Lizzy Borden
12) Beat It-Yngwie Malmsteen


  1. bry, does it cost money (royalties) to put the songs on the cast?

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  3. U should stick in a bit of blue oyster cult sometime whaen u gat the chance, i reckon that would contrast nicely to a rant

  4. It shouldnt cost anything, because TESD is a free podcast, if they were charging, they would have to pay a licensing fee. Good call on the Lizzy Borden, wish I still had my murderous metal road show jersey...haha those were the days